How is PVC Artificial Leather Manufactured?

VC Artificial leather is manufactured using the release paper method can be explained in the following steps:

Prepare the raw materials. The raw materials for PVC artificial leather are PVC resin, plasticizer, filler, stabilizer, and foaming agent. The proportions of these raw materials will vary depending on the desired properties of the artificial leather. Important Properties that are decided at this stage are Strength, Service life , Specifications like Fire retardant etc. Suppose the product has to go for use as a Seat cover for use in Buses, the formulation will be very different to a Product that will be used as a one time use cover for a Toy. Similarly, PVC artificial leather that is used for footwear should be more flexible than PVC artificial leather that is used for upholstery.

The Plasticiser is added first , and then the PVC is added. Next in line are fillers, stabilizer, and foaming agent. The plasticizer makes the artificial leather soft and flexible. The filler adds weight and bulk to the artificial leather. The stabilizer prevents the artificial leather from degrading over time. The foaming agent creates bubbles in the artificial leather, giving it a soft and textured feel. These are all mixed together in an agitator mixer until they are evenly distributed.

Coat the release paper. The release paper is coated with the PVC mixture. The release paper is a thin, silicon coated material that prevents the PVC mixture from sticking to the rollers and machinery during the manufacturing process.

Dry the coated release paper. The coated release paper is dried in a heated oven.
Bond the artificial leather to a backing fabric. The artificial leather is bonded to a backing fabric, such as Polyester, Cotton, Nylon. The Fabric used as a backer determines the strength of the product.
Finally the release paper is removed from the PVC mixture. The PVC mixture put earlier is now a thin, flexible sheet of artificial leather.

Finish the artificial leather. The artificial leather may be finished with a variety of treatments, such as Embossing, Laminating and Printing. The finishing process adds the final touch to the product.
At Premier Polyfilm , We use this process to make the coated leather . PVC artificial leather is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of applications. It is important to choose the right type of PVC artificial leather for the specific application.

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