PVC Leather for Health Care

We offer premier quality artificial leather for Health Care

Product Detail

We manufacturer variety of PVC Leather Cloth which consists of desired specifications and coatings options. All our Synthetic Leather Cloth is widely required in hospitals including critical areas such as ICU’s and Operation Theaters where the hygiene & performance are prime concerned. We have variety of PU leather cloth which is entirely anti-bacterial, stain resistant, fire retardant and water proof.



Having Eco-Friendly Acrylics Coating



We offer PVC leather which comes to give you hygienic conditions in both public and critical areas. Since longevity is the major concern of everyone so we manufacture PVC Leather cloth with eco-friendly acrylics coating to make it more durable and scratch resistant.




Compact, Expanded Leather Cloth and unsupported Expanded PVC made to specification for Health Care



  • Thickness: 070 mm to 2.00 mm
  • Roll Width: 54 Inch.
  • Roll Length: 20 Mtr.

Recommended Areas:




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