PVC Leather for Luggage

Best Quality PU Leather for Luggages

Product Detail

We produce premium quality synthetic leather for the luggage items which majorly includes travel bags, suitcases, hand bags, purses, wallets etc. All our artificial leather fabric is soft and supple to face routine toughness. We are highly focused towards the production of extremely durable materials which meet the desired applications and specifications. We manufacturer and supply durable and customized PVC Leather with a range of coatings.


Our product carries following advantages:

  • We have extra emphasis on making the leather cloth seam resistant to make it tough to take intricate stitching without any issues.
  • PVC Bags Leather comes with fully customized coating and variety of colors option .


Compact, Expanded Leather Cloth and unsupported Expanded PVC made to specification for Luggage.



  • Thickness: 070 mm to 2.00 mm
  • Roll Width: 54 Inch.
  • Roll Length: 20 Mtr.

Recommended Areas:
PVC Leather cloth for bags, wallets, luggage and other applications.




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