PVC Leather for Stationary

We offer premier quality artificial leather for stationary

Product Detail


We produce vast range of Synthetic/ PVC Leather. We assure you about the high quality artificial leather clothes as we have a multi-processing setup which gives us advantage of manufacturing both solid and expanded Leather Cloth with desired specifications. PU Leather for Stationery is generally used for different types of articles such as Dairies, File Cover and Folder Covers etc. Here we have large production capacity to manage the variety of specification involved in different types of texture and colors.


Our Product has advantages:

  • Our products have an ability to meet the usability standards.
  • Having unique features such as stain resistance and temperature stabilization.



Compact, Expanded Leather Cloth and unsupported Expanded PVC made to specification for Stationary



  • Thickness: 070 mm to 2.00 mm
  • Roll Width: 54 Inch.
  • Roll Length: 20 Mtr.

Recommended Areas:




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