PVC Leather for Footwear

Best Quality PU Leather for Footwear

Product Detail

We are one of leading manufacturer of artificial leather clothes for the footwear industry in India. We manufacturer PVC/ PU leather specially for tough use applications. The Leather for footwear items used for entire spectrum of Shoe Linings, Insoles and Uppers. We have earned the faith and confidence of our existing clients for our consistent quality standard. Our products are highly demanded and appreciated by top-notch OEM manufacturers.


Our product carries following advantages:

  • Coated with a layer of PU to ensure that the product feels like leather and is scratch resistant.
  • available in finishes from ultra matt to high gloss and in various leather-like textures.



Our PVC/ PU artificial Leather Products come with consistent quality standard and give a you feel of natural leather. During the production process, we are highly focused towards the balancing of design and leather like characteristics.


Our Products have following features:

  • LEAD and Heavy Metal Free
  • Water Repellent
  • Stain Resistant
  • Fire Retardant
  • Variety of Color Options
  • Customized Textures/ Coatings



Compact, Expanded Leather Cloth and unsupported Expanded PVC made to specification for Footwear.



  • Thickness: 070 mm to 2.00 mm.
  • Roll Width: 54 Inch.
  • Roll Length: 20 Mtr.

Recommended Areas:
Automobile Upholstery, Vehicle Trimmings, Sun Visors, Two Wheeler Seat, Auto hood, Car Mat etc.




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